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The Mining Museum Plan

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The Mining Museum

The Ondřej Šlik gallery, where the museum can be found, was tunneled at the end of the 16th century. That time was the most prosperous era of silver mining in Plana and its surrounding. The prosperity and importance of the town of that time was underlined by a mint founded by the Šlik clan, the owners of Plana estates and mines. The mint was used for silver coin punching. The gallery was tunneled manually from the southern side of a hill on which the historic center of the town was built. The gallery was made to explore a possible existence of silver ores that were at that time successfully mined on the Bohus hill. The total length of the gallery is almost 200 metres and the precise handwork of the miners can be well seen on many places.

The entire labyrinth of the gallery is now open for public and hosts an exhibition of the history of ore mining, a craft that has now been practically dissolved in Bohemia. Numerous well selected exihibits give the subterranean area a flavor of authenticity.

Outdoor exhibition hall contains a lot of different exhibits concerning mining and the history of Planá. The underground tour takes about 1 hour.We recommend you to bring warm clothes,because some parts of the museum can be fairly cold.

Opening Hours

April,May and September – Saturdays and Sundays:10am-12am, 1pm-4pm

June – daily except Mondays: 10am-12am, 1pm-4pm

July,August - daily except Mondays: 10am-12am, 1pm-5pm

Last admission is 45 minutes before closing time

The tour of the museum is also possible outside of regular opening hours by telephone arrangement.

Telephone number: 737 658 320(Czech), 604 877 972(English and German), Answerphone 420 731 923 334.

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Josef Ansl, 2003